Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Few Days 'till the Kill

In only a few days the polls close. On the 28th to be precise.

I still need you, your friends, your pets and neighbours to go to TOTAL FILM BEST FAN BLOG POLL, and cast a vote for ITALIAN FILM REVIEW.

If we win, I will be giving some stuff away here (i.e. competition time) to celebrate the happiness, and as you know I give a way fine shit when it comes around.


1 comment:

TDFC99 said...

Welcome to "FRIGHT CLUB"
You have been selected to be a member, but we do not exist.
Do not share this with anyone, Frights begin soon...
Rules are "NOT" there and you need "NOT" join:


I am not here...

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Sex is part of genre cinema. It’s part of the formula, life and death in that crazy mix. Tits’ and Ass and violent deaths sell tickets. ...