Sunday, June 02, 2013



Wow, I never guessed that so much people could want TCM (or that shoud be TC3D as they lost the Massacre for this title) goodies! Many entries arrived, some a mere moments after I posted the contest, some last night. This morning I had myself a little raffle and the following two winners where selected by my lovely assistant.

Mikael Tomasic
Jonathan Katzeff

Congratulations guys!

The winners have been noted and prizes will ship out tomorrow, thanks to everyone that participated.


The good folks over at Scanbox are releasing TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D next week, and to celebrate this and they have given me this neat little kit to give away!

So, want to win that neat T-Shirt (XL) and that superduper BluRay/3D BluRay of TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D pictured above?

All you got to do is to send me the name of at least SIX actors who have portrayed Leatherface in the Official films so far!

Ok? Go!

Send answers to me at: killfinger (at) Hotmail (dot) com or PM me on Facebook through the Cinezilla site!

Good luck, winner will be announced on Thursday 6th June! 

(Sorry, Contest only open to Scandinavia and Europe!)

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