Monday, September 09, 2013

Volume 10.

Ten. That's how many Mixtapes I've churned out in the last two years. Kinda fun and neat that I get to share shit I mess around with late at night. Stuff made to play through as I sit writing. Right now I could sit for about thirteen hours and listen to sweet sounds of stuff I dig. So can you.


As they disappear from internet holding places I won't be replacing the links. But feel free to ask me for them and I'll set you up!



Silver Ferox Design said...

cool - will be busting my cones with this tonight - cheers, j

CiNEZiLLA said...

Cheers mate! Hope you dig it!

Rorque said...

Just discovered your blog tonight and absolutely love it.
However, just gone to d'load your mixtape and even though the file(98Mb)is there, when I click d'load there is only a tiny exe file.
Is that correct? If so I'm out of luck as I'm on a Mac ...
Looking forward to reading more of your reviews and commenting soon.
Be well.

CiNEZiLLA said...

Odd, as the link should take you through to the hosting site... and a download.

I'm running off a mac and it just worked fine for me.

I'm also in the process of looking for a new place to "archive" the mixtapes.


Rorque said...

Thanks for fast response.
I just tried the link again and this time noticed, and unclicked 'download with Filefactory d'load manager', and now it's working; can't wait to hear what your mixtape is like as everything about your blog is spot-on.
Also good to hear that you're looking to archive your previous mixtapes- look forward to that.
I just want to commend you on this blog, it's really fabulous; I download a LOT of films(from only two sources)and am always scooting 'round Imdb checking out films, which takes me to all manner of sites and blogs to read reviews of films and I have to say that yours is the best place I've found myself at in a long, long time.
I love your writing style, really easy to read yet erudite, enthusiastic and entertaining all at the same time.
I've been up all night and must have spent three of those hours reading and scanning just a little through your pages.
Also d'loaded 'Livide' on your recommendation an hour ago!
So yeah, thanks basically, for creating and running this very cool blog. Over the next week I'll read more, perhaps make some notes & leave some comments and I'm very interested to see where your music tastes lie bearing in mind your taste in films! Get the archive done!
Are you based in Sweden? I ask as you mention at the end of your review of 'You're Next' when it's released in Sweden.
I'll be back soon to leave comments but for now, thankyou - this place is now front and centre on my bookmarks bar and I'm gonna be coming back here on a daily basis to read and exchange thoughts.
Be well.

Rorque said...

Ahh ..! Now I see!
The mixtape is music from films! I kinda assumed it was gonna be songs, bands! Don't know why - I guess that's more usual but now I get it.
With so much focus and knowledge and awareness of all aspects of the films you write about, watch and like, it makes sense that you would put together snippets of film music as-and-when it comes to mind.
Actually, now I'm looking forward even more to hearing it as it'll make a nice change from the rest of the stuff on my iPod. All songs/albums/bands except soundtrack right now to Stalker and How I Live Now.
Have to write the track listing to take out with me as I listen!

Rorque said...

LOVING your mixtape!
Played it three times today; as I sit here now it's 6 a.m and I've just started it again and that first track is just phenomenal.
Really look forward to listening to older ones.
Be well.

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