Tuesday, March 04, 2014


During the past couple of years I've been using every spare moment to focus on my interview project. One of the earliest filmmakers I talked with was the great Andrey Iskanov. We spent almost four and a half hours discussing his films, storytelling and his working conditions. I've stayed in contact with Iskanov over the years, and to some extent consider him one of my friends, even if we only ever meet digitally online. 

A few years back Andrey had a shot of being part of a Canadian anthology movie with both contemporary and legendary filmmakers and put his current project at that time, INGRESSION, on hold so he allow him to be part of THE PROFANE EXHIBIT. I've had the privilege of seeing some of the footage from both Andrey and other directors works (as I've interviewed a couple of them too) and believe me when I say that what Andrey has put into that movie is amongst the most disturbing and haunting ever made. 

So with that project behind him, Andrey Iskanov now wants to complete INGRESSION (my review of the uncompleted version here.) and he needs OUR help! Even if it's only three bucks, or if you go all in for the Dinner with Andrey perk, every penny will move INGRESSION closer to being a completed movie and show why Andrey Iskanov is one of the most fascinating and visionary independent directors to come out of Russia!

Only minutes after I contributed to the project, I realized that the perks that where offered where really not all that important, the most important thing about this crowd funding is that Andrey Iskanov get's to complete INGRESSION, a movie I can swear will be unlike anything you have ever seen before.


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