Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Withdrawal is a bitch. Not being able to blogg with the regularity that I am used to I feel that I have started to drift away from the blogg, which ironically also means that I don’t watch as many movies, as I can’t process them in my written rants... Which obviously awakens the age old question – is it really worth the effort?

Someone asked me why do you write all that shit on the internet, don’t you have better things to do with your time? Well yeah, but at the same time I love to write about shit, that’s where I get the basis for most of my rants IRL… It’s also where I get to tryout ideas and passages of thought concerning certain movies and genres, and most of all it’s a method of choice to be read, published and possibly recognized for the decades of writing shit but never getting any recognition for it. The damned internet is filled with home made Hemmingway’s so why not me too…

… but is it worth the effort?

I don’t know, but there’s a kinda of scary emotion brooding since I’ve been away from my precious workspace at home - away from the constant clickety click of keyboard keys and flappty flap of reference books, the buzzety buzz of DVD’s being forced into the tiny slot on the side of the Mac – and that frightening groaning that I hear here in my head may be the mental conductor signalling that this may be the end of the line…

This blogging certainly isn’t making any difference in the bigger picture, and it’s not really getting me anywhere either, so perhaps it was all just a platonic drug of choice to act as a substitute for all that other crap I so affectionately cling onto in pop culture.


Nigel Maskell said...

love to write, love to watch movies so its a no brainer really. if you wanted to do a bit of capsule reviewing you know the offer is there too,

Jack J said...

Magnus, I'm on the dole. Can you get me a job in Swedish television? I'll do anything. Hmm. That's not really what I wanted to say (but can you?). Haha.

Look, it's all about finding out WHY you want to write, and why you started a blog (one "g" you Swedish shitstövel!). Funny enough today someone else on another blog ("Always remember we're phantom agents") asked me what I thought he should write about and, gee, you gotta figure that out for yourself, mate!

I read one of your reviews of an early Argento film recently and I wondered why you would review a film that has been debated and reviewed to DEATH! But the thing is, if that holds your interest and if you have FUN doing that then that's exactly what you should write about.

If you wanted to write about unknown stuff then maybe you ought to find something along the lines of the stuff Ninja Dixon/Fred writes about. But obviously, if that's not fun then you shouldn't write about that either just because it's uncharted territory.

Me, I'm actually thinking of putting out a Danish language fanzine again and cutting down on the blog shite. Now, how's that for shooting yourself in the foot in regards to getting more readers??? Yeah, it suicide. But to me it's more FUN and that is what it should always be about. Well, unless you get paid for it (and fuck knows none of us get paid for doing blogs!).

Of course, there's also the social aspect of doing blogs; You become a part of a blog community and get in touch with other film fans. But if that's not important to you then that's not a reason for continuing either.

Buddy, Magnus, you gotta spend a little time figuring out why you want to blog. Is there a REASON and are you having FUN with it? Otherwise do something else more fun.

Aylmer said...

J, yours is one of the best genre film blogs around, I love reading it so I hope you don't chuck it in. As far as "what the point is and is it worth it", so long as you're still enjoying it... that's your answer. As for myself, I do it to "process" the films I love and to spare my friends the pain of having me rant for hours about films they've never heard of. So, yeah, I hope you keep it up man.

Anonymous said...

This may be the first time I posted here, but I always enjoy reading your postings, even if I never say so to you.

Any time that as much as one person enjoys what you do, that gives a validation to your craft. You do a really good job with this but I, myself, have had more than one crisis in which I doubted whether or not all this writing was worth all this writing.

My decision: if it makes you feel better to write on your blog, then write on your blog.

And hoping this makes you feel some better about what you do, may I please present you with this award:

Keep up the great work!


CiNEZiLLA said... brainer...

...gotta fix a job for Jack... reading it...

...great work...

well yeah you are all right in one way and/or another. I really need to get back to the city and get back to the blogeroo. There'll be no more of this doubting shit born out of frustration for not being able to blog at the same frequency that I want.

Cheer's lads.


Anonymous said...

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Ninja Dixon said...

You're the best J, so keep writing!