Saturday, August 21, 2010

Time is a locked door and only I have the key

OK here's some megalomanic ranting as I feel that something has to go up on here today...

All work and no play means that I don't have the time to squiggle on the old blog as often as I'd want to... but I will soon, as soon as I check stuff off that goddamn long list.

Until then here's a list of some of the stuff going down and in the pipe right now.

-Started writing a monthly column covering cult releases for the leading film magazine in Sweden.

-Writing a piece on the Swedish and English moral panic of the eighties, the Studio-S transmission and the Video Nasties list for a film festival catalogue. (Deadline midnight tomorrow)

-Scriptwriting and plotting drama structure of a documentary project for National TV that will pay my bills until the end of the year. (My regular daytime job that's taking more time than I prefer, as I cant writes stuff for the blog at the same time.)

-Researching a fascinating, but Top Secret, comic book project which is looking to be something completely unique.

-Top Secret proposal artwork project for a top secret dvd project that more than likely will fucking rock supreme.

-Approximately 300 posters, lobby cards and photo comics to be photoshopped, retouched and colour corrected for a second top secret book project.

-Outlines for four short stories to possibly fulfil if there's an interest in them: one about a adolescent boy in a world of zombies with a neat twist, one sleazy and depraved Cthuhlu inspired tale about a creepy John who get's what's coming to him, one about a semi deaf vampire hunter in Stockholm and finally a sci-fi thingy concerning The Nazis, Jewish Souls and Sternkrieg.

-Building up self-esteem to contact Giger's people again to ask if I can publish the transcript of the interview I did with him last year, as the producer of the show I did it for wanted something like everything else on Giger and not something that would tell more than the Alien bit.

-Preparing a ConstructingHorror seminar on the art of Horror Storytelling for a film festival in October.

-Outlining and preparing a second ConstructingHorror seminar on Sound in Horror for another festival in October, although that one seems to not be happening, but we still need to be prepared just in case it does come through.

-Bloody arrangement of DVD's that always seem to be piling up on the desktop and floor next to the old mac as they always seem to be falling over the keyboard all the time leaving no surface space at all. If ANYONE knows where I can get some of those super slim Malaysian dvd wallets so that I can clear up space please let me know.

-Trying to convince the office techie to run me a few copies of two documentaries that I want to send off to a couple of people. So far the promise of some Christina Lindberg Dvd's has worked wonders. I got him to go into the archives and pull out a master to an obscure old TV production the company I work for made some twenty years ago. Mats Helge's last production.

So there's a lot of fun stuff on the go, and as usual there's never an in between it's always nothing or way too much. But I hope to get some blogin' in there next week.


Ninja Dixon said...

Wow, that's a lot of cool stuff!

Jempan said...

Oj oj, när ska du ha tid att titta på Mad Men med mig?

CiNEZiLLA said...

@Dix: Yep it sure is.

@Jempan: I'll make time. There's always time for telly.

Aylmer said...

Wow, NOW I see why you were considering chucking in the blog! You're a far more interesting person than I!

And please publish the Giger interview.

Anonymous said...

Slimcovers till dvd:er. Jag har börjat med sådana hära, "Mjuk plastficka för DVD-filmer", lite jobbigt å börja med 4,500 stycken, men det gör underverk med samlingen. Säljs i pack om 10 på bland annat Granit.

/ Stefan

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