Saturday, September 14, 2013


So I’m celebrating Friday the 13th in the best possible way, creating cool poses with my Jason Vorhees action figures, confirming the order of my handmade AHC, Jason hockey mask and trying to decide which of the twelve movies I'm gonna spin, when I realize just how much I’m looking forward to the WEEKEND OF HORRORS!

Right now there’s less than two more months until the WEEKEND OF HORRORS, Europe’s largest Horror Convention opens it's doors to what looks to become a convention weekend of epic proportions. After several years in Bottrop, the convention is moving out to larger, bigger, better location – The TUBINENHALLE in OBERHAUSEN. Sounds pretty damned cool and judging from the few images that have been released, it’s looking fantastic.

This year marks the third time I take the extended weekend into horror geek heaven, and this time is special, because this time it becomes tradition instead of an occurrence. This is the third year running that Fred [HERE], Joachim [HERE] and I pack our bags, bring along that extra empty large case for all the purchases, and fly out for one hell off a weekend in Germany. A horror Geekend quite unlike any other!

Any convention worth it’s name houses a grand selection of guests [CHECK THEM HERE!]. WEEKEND OF HORRORS has more guests than anyone else in Europe, and definitely some of the best horror and genre names! This year visitors can rub shoulders with legends such as Malcolm McDowell, Sid Haig, Danny Glover, Camille Keaton, Debbie Rochon, Micheal Biehn, C Thomas Howell, Andrew Bryniasrski, Meg Foster, Danny Hicks and many more. Personally I’m looking forward to Sean S. Cunningham, Joe Pilato, Lori Cardille and the original cast of The Blair Witch Project: Joshua Leonard, Michael C. Williams and Heather Donahue!  As I am writing this, they just announced Haruo Nakajima – That’s the ORIGINAL “Man in Suit”, the actor who brought GODZILLA to life! I know who I’ll be taking photographs with!

Films not only are there loads of retailers there - but each year there are screenings during the Convention too – often with cast or crew in attendance! A few years back Alex Chandon was there with INBRED, last year the restored NIGHTBREED: THE CABAL CUT was shown with castmembers Doug Bradley, Hugh Ross, Simon Bamford, Nicholas Vince (and Barbie Wilde as there was a Hellraiser reunion going on too)  in attendance along with Russel Cherrington, responsible for the reconstruction of Clive Barkers original vision. This time around there’s a screening of CURSE OF CHUCKY, Rob Zombie’s THE LORDS OF SALEM, Andreas Bethman’s new flick Help me I’m Dead and Joel Caetano’s ENCOSTO announced so far! [The program, so far, can be found here]

With the new facilities comes the possibility of bigger nightly events… such as concerts! This year a bunch bands will be performing during the weekend, all included in the price of entrance! (Read more about them in the program)

But what I’m looking forward to the most is spending hours rummaging through case after case of films, buying way to much junk, and wrapping up the evenings by meeting up with friends that we’ve learned to know through the years. Filmmakers, sellers, distributors, great people that make the event such a fucking awesome three days of horror madness. As you clearly can see, the WEEKEND OF HORRORS is the No1 horror event for any fan of the genre. I hope to meet you there!

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thanks for all the tips, awesome article as always man!

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