Tuesday, April 10, 2012

And the winners are...

OK folks, so here are the answers, and they are final…

You all did really well, and I’m impressed by your geeky skills. I’ll never feel alone again!

1. Seven Samurai / Toshiro Mifune

2. City of the Living Dead

3. The Toxic Avenger /Toxie

4. Betty Page

5. Taste the Blood of Dracula / Christopher Lee

6. Planet of the Vampires

7. El Santo

8. Night of the Living Dead / Kyra Schon / Karen Cooper

9. Coffin Joe / This Night I will Possess Your Corpse

10. Star Crash

11. Opera

12. Eyeball

13. Godzilla

14. Kilink / Kilink Istanbul da

15. Le frisson des vampires

16. Sorry I can’t remember this one at all... and none of the suggestions where right either… Gah. I know it’s one of those that I will slap myself when I know…

The top contenders where all close, but I have two Winners who managed to get one or two titles above the rest in there…

Congratulations Lars Jacobsson and Andreas Kalliaridis who walk away with a bunch of dvd’s and a USB full of groovey music each. You guys have been mailed instructions of what happens next!

Thanks to you all for competing.

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