Monday, January 18, 2010

Lost boxes of stuff... #1

I can't really stop thinking about that "Key to Franco" piece that Dixon wrote last week over at his spot. I feel an uncanny urge to seek out a decent print of Franco's Female Vampire and just see if that movie still equals my memory of it. So I started rummaging around in my many lost boxes of stuff that I have in the cellar - so that the kids don't get their grubby little hands on them, All in due time fella's, all in due time! - I was looking for a review I wrote in a mag I used to contribute to in the nineties, and really wanted to know what I thought back then...

I found the mag and apparently I loved the movie and possibly Lina Romay even more so according to my review from more than a decade and a half ago. But even better still, I found this great iconic still from the movie in one of my boxes, and decided that this is perhaps the greatest forum to show some of my many treasures. So I start with this one.

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Ninja Dixon said...

After you mention Female Vampire if found my dvd of it, and will watch it as soon as possible. Haven't seen it for years!