Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Yeah. I'm kinda buzzin' because of this.

"The most KICK ASS SPACE NAZI invasion film ever made"

Sure, I've been quoted on covers before, but then for mag's that I've been writing for. This was the first direct CiNEZiLLA hit, and it's gone from small eight ads, to this glorious full page.

Too bad I can't live on this shit, because this was kind of a highlight.


Jack J said...

I've never been fucken quoted anywhere so I fully understand your enthusiasm!! Congrats, mate!!! YAR DA BOSS!!!!!

CiNEZiLLA said...

Fanx Jack!
It's been something of a goal to get the old niblog quoted as it was there before I started writing in mags again, and it's still here now that the Swedish mag folded. I've got to use all those contact I forged during
those years now don't I.

Still haven't written the booklet to any dvd's yet like some other Dane I know, but hey, that might change to someday too, who knows.


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