Saturday, September 10, 2011

Äkta Skräck

I don’t usually plug books here… but if you can read Swedish, then you really want to check this book out.

Magnus B., (Yes Jack, a real Swede called Magnus), and I worked together years ago on some retarded project, and the one thing that united us against all others in the office was our passion for Jean Rollin, odd documentaries and extreme genre movies.

Where I still sit on my ass complaining and dreaming of shit that never will happen, Magnus B. wrote a book on the topic. I read it from cover to cover last night and it’s a fucking brilliant piece of work. Filled with enthusiasm, a thirst for insight and a dedication unlike any other book in this niche that I’ve read. Magnus B. never once measures his dick and force-feeds his reader with a “larger than thou” attitude that so many other writers of niched movie books do. He’s driven by his curiosity and yearning to understand these extreme horror movies, and he never once backtracks to repeat himself or change his mind between chapters like another recently published author does. He simply keeps it fascinating with his humble approach.

And best of all, almost all interviews come with a little story that puts them into context, how anticipation grew towards the watch, after buying videotape dupes as a young man, or the one how he sent a script to Jörg Buttgereit only to be shot down in flames and my favorite, the one of how he ventures into the offices of cold offices Contra Film in Belgrade to go face to face with Srdjan Spasojevic.

ÄKTA SKRÄCK, an awesome book that I highly recommend to anyone with an interest in those movies that stretch beyond the mainstream conventions.

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