Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Il ritorno del Goblin

You guys do know that Goblin have reformed don't ya!

Just check this amazo-fest out. Recorded live in Rome just this past May...

Mike Barona's Paura Productions is putting them on the road in the US, and I hope that he brings them to Stockholm because that would fucking rock! I think we need to find good old Mr. Dimle and tell him what band to book for a blow out gig in the near future.

Keep an eye on their soon to open web page for more info.


Alex B. said...

Woohoo! There IS a God!

CiNEZiLLA said...

I know! It's awesome There's a rumour that they will play at UNSANE in Krakow this fall... I'm think I'm supposed to be giving a session, or participating on a panel about Audio in Horror there... so fingers crossed.


Aylmer said...

Pllleeeeeeeaaase may they come to Australia.